Write a text for "studio utkast". it is an art collective, they don't live together but support each others art. on their website people can buy some of the works.

Explain why "Studio Utkast" is a smart name.

Studio Utkast is an art collective that brings together a diverse group of artists who share a passion for creating and exploring the unknown. While they may not all live in the same physical location, they are connected through their shared commitment to supporting each other's art and fostering a sense of community. Their website is a platform for showcasing the unique and exciting art that they produce, inviting viewers to connect with their work and discover new perspectives. At Studio Utkast, art is not just a commodity, but a means of expression and a way of connecting with the world around us. Join us on this journey of artistic exploration and be inspired by the creativity of our collective.

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The name "Studio Utkast" is a smart choice for an art collective because it reflects the group's focus on experimentation and innovation. "Utkast" is a Swedish word that means "draft" or "outline," suggesting that the artists in this collective are constantly working on new ideas and exploring different styles and techniques. Additionally, the name also plays on the word "outcast," implying that these artists may not fit into traditional artistic categories and are instead forging their own path in the art world. This name is fitting for a group of artists who are constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional art and striving for creative growth. Overall, "Studio Utkast" is a unique and meaningful choice for an art collective that is dedicated to exploring new artistic avenues and challenging the status quo.